Thursday, 5 September 2013

The 2 Year Old Brain!

This month the twins will turn two!

It is so crazy to think that they have been around for nearly two years. It is weird because it feels like hardly anytime at all and, at the same time it feels like I can't really remember a life without them (that last part, in a good way).

So on the 17th River and Indigo will hit their 'terrible' twos (please Universe do not let the terrible two stage be as horrible as I imagine it to be...).

On the subject of two year olds though, I came across a quite interesting fact, did you know that humans have more brain cells at the age of two than at any other age or point in their lives? After two, the the brain kills off the cells it determines are unnecessary for the future (like a ninja)! 

So I guess the twins will be absorbing knowledge like a sponge. They are both doing so well, and are pretty much picking up new words everyday - I am looking forward to what this new stage will bring! 

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  1. I remember my twins being two. I have an older boy so I'd been through the 'terrible twos' before. It's really not that bad. Well at least I can say that now! That's a fascinating fact about the brain. Children's brains are like little sponges and it's our job to give them a good soaking.