Monday, 26 August 2013

Much Fun In The Park

Today the four of us took a trip to Todmorden Park. The park itself is seriously gorgeous. It is massive and clean and full of soft green grass and wide walkways. It has beautiful enclosed gardens, a reptile house and some fantastic sculptures and monuments (including a lucky dog). It also has a great playground.

First of all we walked around the park and checked out the gardens and gave the Lucky Dog a stroke (hopefully some good luck will be coming our way soon). Then Rob and I released the twins into the wild (we got them out of the double buggy and let them have a run around).

Indigo spent a lot of the time playing football with Rob and chasing after other people's footballs. River was more interested in pulling grass out of the ground and throwing it (to be fair it did look like a lot of fun).

We then let them loose in the playground where they sampled various bouncy animals, the roundabout, the swings, the slide and a very cool climbing house. They had loads of fun and it is by far the best playground we have visited. 

We then let them get hopped up on sugar (ice cream is always good for that) and they have been super bouncy ever since. All in all, a pretty great way to spend a Bank Holiday...

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