Thursday, 25 April 2013

Word Of The Day!

River walked up to me the other day, clutching a 'Fat Tuesday' trucker hat (it is what Rob wears when his hair is wild), waved it at me and said


Carefully pronouncing the 't' at the end.

He then walked around repeatedly saying hat. Since then he has learned the word 'car' and 'bye' and 'choo choo' - along with 'row row' (so that endless games of row row the boat can ensue). And his favourite and most used word,

"Mumma" or "Ma" or "Mummy"

It is amazing to see how their language changes and grows. Indigo has been chattering away with statements like

"Oh no!" And "oh baby!" And "now" and a numerous amount of greetings - as well as repeatedly saying "mummy". But River. Has always been a boy of few words. So it is absolutely lovely to see his vocabulary developing and it is so much fun to hear him come out with new things.

I wonder what he will learn today?

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