Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Bring on 2014!

Happy new year everyone! 

I have a feeling that 2014 will be a good year.

Image source: http://chibird.com/

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Christmas Picture Update

Christmas was good. The twins have begun to get the concept of presents and they really like getting them (no surprise there). 

They enjoyed them so much that they tried to open everybody else's as well, and claim them all for their own (esp. their cute little cousin Ella's, who is a whole year younger and prime for twin corruption and who also got toys that looked quite appealing to 2, two year old cheeky monkeys with toy fever). 

Below are a couple of cute pictures of River and Indigo opening their stockings...

It was so nice to see how happy they were. I am looking forward to next christmas already as I think when they are three they will have more of an idea about Santa :) exciting times! 

Hope you are all enjoying a happy holiday season. 

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The Lurgy

We all have coughs and colds and are very miserable. 

River and Indigo are dosed up and are having a day of tantrums and tears and much, much snot and I am feeling like I have been dragged through a hedge. 

I am achey and sore all over and every time I cough I feel like my head is going to pop off of my body... Rob is at work feeling dreadful as well. None of us have escaped the Lurgy! 

I wonder if this is what the start of the zombie virus feels like..? Hmmmm 

Meh! Roll on tomorrow! Hopefully we will all be feeling better.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Blimey! How Great WasThe MasterChef Professionals 2013 Final!

Wow! The finale for this years MasterChef  Professionals was outstanding. The talent was amazing and I genuinely felt quite conflicted over who I wanted to win. 

Adam Handling in particular had been strong throughout and I was consistently amazed with the quality and the beauty of his dishes. The complexity and precision was evident in each of his plates. 

Scott Davies didn't impress me until the later stages. He seemed solid but didn't have the wow factor, but then as the competition progressed and his confidence and plating skill grew, he started to shine. I especially loved the look of his 'garden' plate. 

Steven Edwards (or "Horsham" as I referred to him as throughout the show to Rob) was always impressive and keen to progress his skills. I really liked his great attitude and thought he seemed like a nice guy as well as being a genuinely talented chef. I also loved his enthusiastic approach - esp in Italy. He was like a bookworm in a library feasting on knowledge. Tbh him and Adam were my favourites. I loved Adam's technical skill and die-hard commitment to only put out the best food, and I loved Horsham's passion filled, enthusiastic and beautiful humble plates of food.

The finale was a tense affair and I really felt for the chefs getting to hear each other's praise and criticism - if I had been one of them, after about 10 mins I prob would have been hidden in the corner with my apron stuffed in my ears. 

I thought that Michel Roux Jr. was a bit harsh on Adam. But I thought they picked the best chef on the day.

Look away now if you have not watched the final.

Steven "Horsham" Edwards winning put a smile on my face as I thought he really deserved it. Though I kind of think they are all winners as they all have what is sure to be,  spectacular careers ahead of them!

I love this quote from Steven on what winning feels like:

"I’m exceptionally happy, I can’t believe it, this is what dreams are made of isn’t it! I don’t know how to describe how I’m feeling, it means so much. These kinds of things don’t seem to happen to me, it just feels unbelievable.”

Says it all really :) Well done Steven! 

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Phew! It has been a while!

Wow! It has been a while since my last post - this has mainly been due to us all moving/buying a house and some illness (gross stomach and sickness bugs and a touch of flue for good measure). It was complicated at best and we still have a fair few boxes to unpack... Who knew moving house could be so stressful?

Oh yes...that's right, it is widely reported to be one of the most stressful things you can do (which I initially did not believe... I so do now!).

So we moved house, we are mostly settled and we are now in an area near a good school, a beautiful park and a sports centre so we can all go swimming and I can get fit. Fitness is my 2014 mission - I just wish I didn't hate all exercise apart from yoga... Oh well!

The twins are doing great. They are both 2 now and are starting nursery one day a week from the 9 January - exciting times! They are also getting very excited about Christmas and have become obsessed with our tree...

Anyway, I am back now - so expect another update in a couple of day :)

Thursday, 5 September 2013

The 2 Year Old Brain!

This month the twins will turn two!

It is so crazy to think that they have been around for nearly two years. It is weird because it feels like hardly anytime at all and, at the same time it feels like I can't really remember a life without them (that last part, in a good way).

So on the 17th River and Indigo will hit their 'terrible' twos (please Universe do not let the terrible two stage be as horrible as I imagine it to be...).

On the subject of two year olds though, I came across a quite interesting fact, did you know that humans have more brain cells at the age of two than at any other age or point in their lives? After two, the the brain kills off the cells it determines are unnecessary for the future (like a ninja)! 

So I guess the twins will be absorbing knowledge like a sponge. They are both doing so well, and are pretty much picking up new words everyday - I am looking forward to what this new stage will bring! 

Monday, 26 August 2013

Much Fun In The Park

Today the four of us took a trip to Todmorden Park. The park itself is seriously gorgeous. It is massive and clean and full of soft green grass and wide walkways. It has beautiful enclosed gardens, a reptile house and some fantastic sculptures and monuments (including a lucky dog). It also has a great playground.

First of all we walked around the park and checked out the gardens and gave the Lucky Dog a stroke (hopefully some good luck will be coming our way soon). Then Rob and I released the twins into the wild (we got them out of the double buggy and let them have a run around).

Indigo spent a lot of the time playing football with Rob and chasing after other people's footballs. River was more interested in pulling grass out of the ground and throwing it (to be fair it did look like a lot of fun).

We then let them loose in the playground where they sampled various bouncy animals, the roundabout, the swings, the slide and a very cool climbing house. They had loads of fun and it is by far the best playground we have visited. 

We then let them get hopped up on sugar (ice cream is always good for that) and they have been super bouncy ever since. All in all, a pretty great way to spend a Bank Holiday...